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Our logo

Our Wan Koni Pikin logo is surrounded by a USB cable and forms a cloud or brain containing the universe with internet connections through points and lines.
The 'K' of Koni is symbolic for a person standing in front of a laptop, with the WiFi icon incorporated in the tip of the 'i'.
The 'P' of Pikin in combination with the 'i ' reflects a light bulb, referring to gaining new insights (knowledge and skills) in the digital field; the main objective of the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation!
The yellow color in the logo signifies wisdom, great thinking ability and high intelligence. It activates the brain and induces activity. The color orange represents enthusiasm, determination, encouragement and success. Finally, purple in the logo symbolizes ambition and independence.

Wan Koni Pikin Foundation was established on November 1, 2021 and is registered under foundation number 45772.

From digital gab to digital inclusion


This section is translated as "The opportunity to gain digital knowledge and skills."

E-Koni is a word and image mark that the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation has specially developed. Koni is the Sranan Tongo word for being smart or knowledge and skill, while 'E' denotes the digital. E-Koni is therefore synonymous with digital literacy, digital wisdom, digital knowledge and digital skills.

From digital gab to digital inclusion
Through the “E-Koni Project” the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation wants to help underprivileged/vulnerable persons, in particular children (age category 10 to 17 years), persons with (auditory, visual and physical) disabilities and seniors (55+ years). help to increase digital skills and further develop digitally by teaching them basic ICT knowledge and skills free of charge through . On the other hand, the aim is to get children and seniors who are less fortunate at home out of their isolation and to boost their self-confidence.

From digital gab to digital inclusion


Children in the age category 10-17 years from less well-off families who have little access to today's technology and who are not sufficiently digitally skilled can sign up for our E-Koni project. In order to be eligible for such a free ICT training, the child (including those with a visual disabilities) must fall under our target group. Click here for our terms and conditions.

How can i register a child ?

Mobile user support

Senior citizens can use the opportunity we offer to learn how to use their smartphone and how to make maximum use of the mobile services that many Surinamese companies offer in this COVID time. We also offer support for mobile use for the visually impaired and blind. voice controlled software.
The Wan Koni Pikin Foundation wants to get this group out of their isolation by teaching them digital skills that will boost their self-confidence.

For children aged 10-17 who come from less well-off families and who do not have a PC or access to the internet to do their schoolwork, the foundation provides a room with PCs, laptops and the Internet.

Here the students can do their work in peace. In order to take full advantage of all the facilities of this Education Center, it is recommended to register as a member.

In collaboration with Briss-IT Solutions Wan Koni Pikin will provide ICT related training. These lessons will be tailor-made for this target audience.

Digital inclusion

means to us that the digital world is made more accessible for everyone. We do this by providing (digital) education and guidance adapted to the needs of a person or target group. Young and old, rich or poor, everyone has the right to equal (digital) opportunities.


SRD 4080,00

The board

Meet Bryan Winston Isselt, chairman who is also the brain behind the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation.
Bryan: "Years ago I already had the idea of ​​doing something for the children from the inland of Suriname in the field of education. Now I can use all the knowledge and experience I have gained in recent years working in the ICT branch literally giving something back to those who need it most. A long cherished dream has come true: to help underprivileged, disadvantaged and low-skilled people to develop and broaden their ICT knowlegde and skills."
- Lawyer mr. Rosanna E. Isselt-Agard has been recruited within the foundation as secretary and treasurer. It will, among other things, deploy its forces in the implementation of national and regional ICT projects and ensure that the foundation complies with the statutory rules or regulations of third parties.

Rosanna Isselt- Agard

Secretary / Treasurer


How the foundation works

We provide training and workshops for individuals and groups. The costs for these training courses are made with donations and the efforts of volunteers and professionals who are committed to making this group digitally literate. We cannot tackle the digital divide alone. Companies, organizations and individuals can make a difference by sharing their expertise and/or investing financially in these projects that help close the digital divide. 100% of all donations are invested in these projects. Anyone who invests in these digital education development projects realizes that this will benefit everyone in the near future


In order to have a greater impact, we involve parents and volunteers in the areas where we provide training. Even though the training is over, these people continue the good work by continuing to share the knowledge with people and children in their environment.

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