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The Wan Koni Pikin Foundation

In today's world, people increasingly communicate digitally. However, not everyone can keep up with these new developments. Wan Koni Pikin Foundation is committed to ensuring that everyone with a digital disadvantage can catch up flawlessly, regardless of the person's age or socio-economic background.
We prepare children for the future and help prevent inequalities in digital education. We believe that the development of digital skills should be independent of the home situation and living environment.

From digital gab to digital inclusion

Our projects

E-Koni: E-Koni aids every child with their digital development. Being digitally proficient results in better opportunities for them on the job market.

E-Senior: E-Senior offers a helping hand to our senior citizens. Enabling them to confidently make the transition to digital business via their mobile or other device.

ICT without limitation: Training and guidance for people with a visual limitation in the use of digital aids.

E-Center: Our Education Center will be the place offer a solution for students who will have to work on their thesis/school work but do not own a laptop/pc. It will also be a place where people can increase their knowledge of digital tools and programs.


Help close the digital gab


Sponsor a child.

Help by sponsoring ICT lessons for a child. The contribution per child is set at SRD 1.600,- or € 40,-.
For this amount the child receives:

  • Trainingsmanual
  • Writing materials
  • A snack
  • A drink
  • A certificate

Sponsor a child / Register a child


Volunteers are essential. Wan Koni Pikin Foundation is looking for volunteers with ICT experience. Do you also want to help reduce the digital divide and do you have a passion for working with children? Then register.
Proof of good conduct may will requested. The applicationform to request the proof of good conduct can downloaded here. Your resume must be send to yepi@wankonipikin.org


Donations: Companies, organizations and individuals help us by:
1. Share their Expertise/Knowledge/Knowledge as a trainer.
2. Make a financial contribution to our projects
3. Means to be made available such as (second-hand) Laptops, computers and office furnature ect ect.

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Sponsor a child

Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of Wan Koni Pikin to contribute to ensuring that vulnerable target groups in Suriname have access to the digital society and that no one is left behind. We strive for digital inclusion by at least 1000 children every year, 250 seniors and 100 people with disabilities can be retrained through the free offering of various tailor-made ICT training courses.

Wan Koni Pikin wants to prepare children for the future and help reduce opportunities inequalities in digital education. The foundation believes that the development of digital skills should be independent of the home situation and living environment.


- Digital inclusion of disadvantaged, underprivileged, disadvantaged and low-skilled target groups, in particular children, young people, seniors and people with disabilities.
- (Technical) guidance, coaching and sharpening digital skills with a view to self-reliance for everyone.