With your help

As a foundation, we can't reduce the digital gab alone. For that we need your help. We are looking for sponsors who want to help us realize our goals.

Our main goal is to make at least 1000 children digitally literate every year with an eye on their future. In this way we narrow the digital divide that currently exists. But we also want to involve and coach the parents so that they further stimulate their children and help them keep up with technological developments. The Wan Koni Pikin Foundation remains available for these groups to help where necessary.

Our goals

We are looking for donations for a van to pick up children who do not have transport or cannot pay for an ICT course. This van will also be used to transport ICT learning materials and to visit all districts in Suriname where we will provide free training.

Each student is provided with a manual to follow the training as well as possible. The manual has approximately 70 pages per subject (Learning to use the computer, Working with email, Word, Excel and Powerpiont). To limit printing costs, the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation wants to purchase its own printer.

For students who do not have a computer / internet or a study room where they can work on their school assignments / research, the foundation plans to make space available where they can do their work in peace.

How can you contribute

  • Sponsor a Child: Pay the cost of a child's training.
  • Donations: Companies, organizations and individuals help us by:
    1. Share their Expertise/ Skills/ Knowledge as a trainer.
    2. Make a financial contribution to our projects
    3. To make resources available such as 2nd hand Laptops, computers, office furniture ect.
  • Volunteers: Become a volunteer at one of our projects and help prepare Surinamese for the digital world.

Donate possibilities

Donating is possible via the methods indicated below. One can transfer money to the foundation account or via the digital wallets of Mope and Uni5Pay.
image image image

Foundation registration number: 45772
Account number:
SPSB 403 007 796 (SRD) | SPSB 403 007 797 (€)
In the name of Stg. Wan Koni Pikin


We from the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation thank you in advance for your contributions on behalf of the children

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We thank these sponsors for their contributions. It will be very well used. Will you be the next to help?

Het Snijpunt.