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How can you contribute

  • Sponsor a Child: Pay the cost of a child's training.
  • Donations: Companies, organizations and individuals help us by:
    1. Share their Expertise/ Skills/ Knowledge as a trainer.
    2. Make a financial contribution to our projects
    3. To make resources available such as 2nd hand Laptops, computers, office furniture ect.
  • Volunteers: Become a volunteer at one of our projects and help prepare Surinamese for the digital world.
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First donor

The first donor who supports the Wan Koni Pikin foundation has arrived. We thank Het Snijpunt for this gift. We hope that many companies will follow after this to continue the good work.

'Designen in PosterMyWall'

Ook aan speciale ICT verzoeken geeft Wan Koni Pikin invulling. In januari 2022 is aan de kerkgemeenschap Stichting Deur der Hoop Ministries International een workshop 'Designen in PosterMyWall' verzorgd. Met deze workshop kan de kerk zichzelf behelpen bij het ontwerpen van allerhande promotiemateriaal voor haar kerkactiviteiten, zoals flyers, posters, banners e.a. #yuokasifukisiekoni

ICT-les aan kansarme kinderen moet achterstand wegwerken

Stichting Wan Koni Pikin wil jaarlijks aan minimaal 1000 kansarme kinderen en jongeren in de leeftijdscategorie van tien tot zeventien jaar gratis ICT-basistrainingen en workshops verzorgen. De stichting is op 1 november 2021 opgericht met als doel kinderen voor te bereiden op de toekomst door kansongelijkheid op het gebied van digitaal onderwijs te helpen voorkomen.
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Op bezoek bij Radio Shalom

Vandaag was de voorzitter van Stichting Wan Koni Pikin, Bryan Isselt, te gast in het actualiteiten programma ‘Actua Inzicht’ van 94.5 RADIO SHALOM A DAILY INSPIRATION, NOT JUST RADIO. Heeft u de uitzending gemist, dan kunt u om 15:00 uur de herhaling van het interview van Jerrel Harderwijk met de voorzitter via 94.5 FM beluisteren.


Our Logo

The logo of the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation The Wan Koni Pikin logo is surrounded by a USB cable and forms a cloud or a brain containing the universe with internet connections through points and lines. The 'K' of Koni is symbolic for a person standing in front of a laptop, with the WiFi icon incorporated in the tip of the 'i'. The 'P' of Pikin in combination with the 'i' reflects a light bulb, referring to gaining new insights (knowledge and skills) in the digital field; the main objective of the Wan Koni Pikin Foundation! The yellow color in the logo signifies wisdom, great thinking ability and high intelligence. It activates the brain and induces activity. The color orange represents enthusiasm, determination, encouragement and success. Finally, purple in the logo symbolizes ambition and independence. Special thanks and recognition go out to Art by Anoushka (Anoushka Moerahoe) for her 'out-of-the-box' thinking and the creative way in which she successfully visualized what the foundation had in mind.


The Wan Koni Pikin Foundation was established on November 1, 2021 with the aim of preparing children for the future by helping to prevent inequalities in digital education. The development of digital skills must be independent of the home situation and living environment.

Sponsor a child.

Help by sponsoring ICT lessons for a child. The contribution per child is set at SRD 350,- or € 15,-.
For this amount the child receives:

  • Trainingsmanual
  • Writing materials
  • A snack
  • A drink
  • A certificate

Sponsor a child / Register a child

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