Our projects

Our projects aim to make the digital world more accessible for everyone. That we mean providing ICT and guidance adapted to the actions of the person of the target group. Young and old, poor from rich, everyone has the right to equal opportunities.


SRD 4080,00

A group of young people from the Full Evangelical Congregation (a church community) successfully completed the Graphic Design training this month. Thanks to this training, they are now able to create flyers for their church's activities. They can also use the knowledge they have gained for their school assignments and possibly for their own business in the future.

Basic computer training is a must if you want to learn how to use your computer well and want your computer to have a long(er) life. We at Wan Koni Pikin want to give our target group the skills that are necessary for this so that they can help themselves.

These trainings are provided on a regular basis, so you can always register through this link

Doing digital business independently is not always self-evident for every senior citizen, visually impaired and blind. E-koni offers a helping hand to this group of citizens by means of instructions and guidance to make the safe transition to independent digital business.
The visually impaired and blind can receive instructions on how to use their telephone by means of voice-controlled software.

How can i register / apply for a child

In order to register a child for such a free training, the conditions must first be met.

  • Target group (the person must fall within one of the target groups).
  • Income of the parents/guardians, seniors or persons with disabilities must be below the minimum income that applies to Suriname: approx. SRD 2.500,-- or SRD 5,000.-- (joint income)
  • Paid training courses are provided for children whose combined income of the parents is above SRD 5,000.-- offered by Briss-IT Solutions
Check out the website of Briss-IT Solutions for paid training
Register a child